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2018 Annual Predictions

 5th June 2024 at 11:31pm
Winner: Federico

▶️ Episodes

🥇 Regular Picks

Stephen Regular "The Mac Pro will ship by the end of 2018" 0
Myke Regular "There will be a bigger iPhone X style phone, but it will not have an OLED screen" 1
  • The iPhone XR saved Myke here, as the XS Max was OLED which he didn't think would be possible for such a big display.
Federico Regular "iOS 12 will have a focus on "faster", speed and performance optimizations being a tentpole feature" 1
  • "It will be on a slide."
  • Ungraded examples: "faster animations, maybe 64-bit, Swift, Pro Motion, something under the scenes, maybe a built-in cache cleanup feature"
Myke Regular "Apple Watch with an always-on display" 0
  • The Series 5 watch added this feature in 2019.
Federico Regular "A streaming service announced as Apple Video" 0
  • "1-2 months for free, bundled with Apple Music as an option"
Stephen Regular "No new iPad mini" 1
  • "(if it's killed, I'm not wrong)"

⚠️ Risky Picks

Federico Risky "Workflow 2 will appear as a system feature or app" 2
  • "Heavy on Siri integration, framework for pro apps to talk to each other"
  • Ungraded: probably a migration tool from version 1, the App Store version might be kept around for a while
  • Some contention during grading about pro apps talking to each other leads to clarification that the entire pick must be true, but this one is deemed close enough.
Stephen Risky "iTunes rewrite or replacement for Mac OS" -1
  • iTunes was eventually split up in 2019.
Myke Risky "iOS 12 features a large scale UI redesign across iOS, the biggest since iOS 7" -1

🏆 Scores

  1. Federico: 3
  2. Stephen: 0
  3. Myke: 0

As far as I know, there was no tiebreaker for second place, but Stephen went second in the next annual predictions.

Non-Graded Picks

Federico Non‑graded "Reminders will get a major redesign modeled after iOS 11 and Files" 0
  • "With new family sharing features and integration with the HomePod."
  • The redesign of Reminders did come eventually in 2019, with many more new features in 2021.
Stephen Non‑graded "AppKit and UIKit give birth to something new and cross-platform" 0
  • SwiftUI was announced in 2019.
Myke Non‑graded "A new Apple Pencil with a button of some kind" 0
  • "(aluminum?)"
Federico Non‑graded "A new smart keyboard: new material, backlit keys, a dedicated Siri key" 0
  • Apple's Magic Keyboard basically matching this description came out in 2020.
Stephen Non‑graded "iPod Touch updated" 0
  • The 7th generation update finally came in 2019.
Myke Non‑graded "On iOS 12, the home screen features more than just app icons" 0
  • WIdgets would finally be added to the home screen in iOS 14.
Federico Non‑graded "Apple Video and Apple Music have dedicated apps for Mac and iOS" 0
  • "Music and Video removed from iTunes on the Mac"
  • iTunes was eventually split up in 2019.

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