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2019 Fall Rickies

jbiatek 25th October 2023 at 1:44pm
Winner: Stephen

▶️ Episodes

🥇 Regular Picks

Myke Regular "New colours in the iPhone line as compared to the previous year" 1
Stephen Regular "The iPhone XR will become the iPhone 11" 1
Federico Regular "The biggest phone will not be called Pro Max" 0
Myke Regular "There will be 3 cameras on the high end phones" 1
  • Ungraded: "the cameras will be ultrawide, 'the camera', and telephoto"
Stephen Regular "No Mac or iPad hardware in the keynote" 0
  • 10.2” iPad was announced
Federico Regular "The new phone will offer some kind of night mode for shooting photos in the dark" 1

⚠️ Risky Picks

Myke Risky "Tim Cook thanks Jony Ive, the camera shows Jony in the audience, Jony doesn’t stand" -1
Stephen Risky "No service bundle announced" 2
  • “including any service being free with another, or some sort of content being added to the iPhone upgrade program”
  • Apple TV+ was announced as a free trial, but not as a bundle. And it doesn’t really come with the upgrade program as such. Stephen threads the needle with this pick.
Federico Risky "Apple announces Apple TV and game controller bundle" -1
  • Federico spins a vivid tale of how actually this was announced, but the other guys don’t buy it.

🏆 Scores

  1. Stephen: 3
  2. Myke: 1
  3. Federico: 0

Non-Graded Picks

Myke Non‑graded "Apple TV+ will be free with another subscription" 0
  • Apple One, which includes Apple TV+, launched a year later.
Myke Non‑graded "The Mac is not mentioned" 1
Myke Non‑graded "Some surprise hardware, like a Tile tracker" 0
  • Apple's tracker would eventually come out in 2021.
Stephen Non‑graded "Jeff Williams will take a greater role in the keynote" 0
  • More than just the Apple Watch section
Stephen Non‑graded "No mention or word from Jony Ive" 1
Federico Non‑graded "Apple gives a release date for iOS 13.1 and mentions the update on stage" 0
Federico Non‑graded "Apple announces new environmental efforts, such as a new recycling robot" 0
Federico Non‑graded "Catalina gets a release date" 0
Federico Non‑graded "Apple announces original podcast content" 0
  • In 2020, Apple did come out with Apple News Today, and has since introduced other shows as well.