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2020 November Rickies

jbiatek31st December 2022 at 4:03pm
Donation: $75 Donator: Federico Flexies winner: Stephen Winner: Stephen

▶️ Episodes

🥇 Regular Picks

Federico Regular "Apple releases at least 2 different Mac models that run on Apple Silicon" 1
Stephen Regular "Big Sur gets a revised release window" 1
Myke Regular "An Apple Silicon Mac is available to order in November 2020" 1
Federico Regular "The first Apple Silicon chip is a variant of the A14 family" 0
  • The M1 could be related, but Apple never said so, and instead say that it was built specifically for the Mac.
Stephen Regular "No new Mac announced will have a touchscreen" 1
Myke Regular "Apple demos iOS apps running on a Mac" 0

⚠️ Risky Picks

Federico Risky "Big Sur on the new Apple Silicon Macs comes with a low power mode feature" -1
  • This was a feature in Monterey the next year.
Stephen Risky "A desktop Apple Silicon Mac is announced" 2
  • This pick literally came to Stephen in a dream, in which Tim Cook announced the Mac mini as a "bad little b****".
Myke Risky "An Apple Silicon Mac is cheaper than the product it replaces" 2

🏆 Scores

  1. Stephen: 4
  2. Myke: 3
  3. Federico: 0

💪 Flexie Picks

Stephen Flexie "Phil Schiller is nowhere to be seen" 1
Stephen Flexie "We see a Big Sur feature recap" 1
Stephen Flexie "We see Johny Srouji again" 1
Stephen Flexie "No mention of cellular Macs" 1
Stephen Flexie "Apple announces Windows for ARM coming via virtualization in the future" 0
  • Parallels was updated to do this by 2021, but it wasn't announced at this event.
Stephen Flexie "The 12" MacBook does not return" 1
Myke Flexie "New Macs follow current design trends, no large scale redesign" 1
Myke Flexie "Big Sur released within 48 hours of event" 1
Myke Flexie "New AirPods or AirPods Pro" 0
Myke Flexie "New MagSafe charging case for existing AirPods" 0
  • MagSafe came to the AirPods line the next year.
Myke Flexie "Craig demos Big Sur features" 1
  • The instant wake demo is counted for this.
Federico Flexie "Apple compares the performance of Apple Silicon Macs to "most PCs sold today"" 1
Federico Flexie "Apple demos a game running on an Apple Silicon Mac" 0
Federico Flexie "One of the new Mac models supports WiFi 6" 1
Federico Flexie "At least one of the Apple Silicon Macs has a Pro Motion display" 0
  • Was originally a Risky Pick.
  • ProMotion came to the Mac the next year with the MacBook Pro line.
Federico Flexie "Apple redesigns the App Store app for Mac to include iOS, macOS, and iPadOS apps together" 0

💸 Flexie Scores

  1. Stephen: 83.3% (5/6)
  2. Myke: 60.0% (3/5)
  3. Federico: 40.0% (2/5)

Federico donates $75 to Stephen's wife's 5K for Eden's Run.