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2022 March Rickies

 10th July 2024 at 1:18pm
Donation: $100 Donator: Federico Flexies winner: Stephen Winner: Federico

▶️ Episodes

🥇 Regular Picks

Federico Regular "A new iPad Air is introduced with a better system-on-a-chip and 5G support" 1
Myke Regular "Apple introduces a new Mac mini with an updated design" 0
  • Myke insists, and Federico seems to agree, that even a change in the ports on the back is "an updated design". Stephen seems less convinced, but that's a matter for grading. It's agreed that it has to be the Mac itself and not, say, an accessory or power cord.
Stephen Regular "Larger, more powerful iMac is introduced" 0
  • Not only was this wrong, the larger iMac disappeared entirely from the Mac lineup.
Federico Regular "New iPhone case colors and/or watch band colors are introduced at or after the event" 1
Myke Regular "Apple's classical music service is unveiled" 0
Stephen Regular "A new iPhone SE with 5G support is announced" 1

⚠️ Risky Picks

Federico Risky "A new base model Mac mini is introduced with the M2 chip..." -1
  • "... The new Mini is at least 30% smaller than the current one. It's thicker, but narrower, making it more similar to an Apple TV or Intel NUC."
  • In other words, closer to a cubic shape, but not necessarily a cube. Although Federico loves cubes, so that would be great.
  • The base model would get updated the next year, but it's the same shape.
Myke Risky "The new iPhone SE has a design influenced by the iPhone mini, it does not feature Face ID, it has a Touch ID power button" -1
Stephen Risky "Apple announces an update to AirPods Max, that support wireless lossless playback, to take full advantage of Apple's new classical music service" -1
  • Working with Apple Classical is part of the pick, meaning that if Classical is not introduced it will be incorrect.
  • This was edited to be any AirPods, but then Stephen went back to the more passionate original pick.
  • Not a reuse of the infamous DAC pick, but in a similar vein.

🏆 Scores

  1. Federico: 1
  2. Stephen: 0
  3. Myke: -1

💪 Flexie Picks

Myke Flexie "Tim Cook mentions the war in Ukraine" 0
Myke Flexie "No iMac Pro or bigger iMac" 1
Myke Flexie "John Ternus is wearing a black T-shirt" 0
Myke Flexie "Apple unveils the first Mac powered by an M2 chip" 0
  • Apple waited until WWDC to announce the M2 MacBook Air.
Myke Flexie "No Mac gets 5G" 1
Federico Flexie "No preview of an AR headset" 1
Federico Flexie "macOS 12.3 does not come out within 48 hours of the event" 1
  • This will have to be judged by announced release, since episode recording is a day after the event.
Federico Flexie "Universal Control is demoed again" 0
Federico Flexie "The new Mac mini comes in more colors than silver and grey" 0
  • Was originally "in multiple colors".
Federico Flexie "Apple releases new AirPods colors" 0
Federico Flexie "Craig is wearing a blue shirt" 0
Stephen Flexie "A new color of iPhone 13 (family) is announced" 1
Stephen Flexie "The Intel Mac mini is removed from sale" 0
Stephen Flexie "We do not see Joz during this event" 1
Stephen Flexie "A revised 13" MBP drops the Touch Bar but does not add MagSafe" 0
Stephen Flexie "iOS 15.4 and/or macOS 12.3 get a release date" 0
  • They did get a window but not an actual date.
Stephen Flexie "No preview of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro" 1

💸 Flexie Scores

  1. Stephen: 50.0% (3/6)
  2. Myke: 40.0% (2/5)
  3. Federico: 33.3% (2/6)

Federico donates $100 to UNICEF to support Ukraine, and Stephen becomes Attorney General Flexie. With this power, he suggests that all the hosts donate, with Myke donating a flat £100.