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Connected #316: I Overspeakered Myself

29th January 2022 at 11:19pm
Episode: 316

  • Clarified that Flexies may be reused (technically the "no reuse" rule wasn't in the Flexies section anyway, but it was agreed that banning their reuse would be too limiting).
  • Myke notices that the rules do not identify when keynote picks can come true, and proposes that the window open at the start of the event and close at grading. (He also noted this in #311 and proposed a similar rule change, but it was never written down.) Stephen prefers starting at the publication of the prediction episode, but Federico breaks the tie in Myke's favor, agreeing that it is a competition about the event. Unlike the Keynote Draft on Upgrade, which only allows information from the presentation itself, ancillary material is allowed. For example, a specifications page that clarifies details may figure into grading as long as it is available at that time.

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