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Connected #367: The Rickies (October 2021)

13th October 2021 at 5:44pm
2021 October Rickies
Episode: 367

  • Removed a redundant and inaccurate line about access to the Twitter accounts.
  • Resolving an issue that came up in the 2021 September Rickies (for this pick specifically), picks can only be deemed correct if publicly available information is available.
  • Reuse of picks is revisited, and is changed to be allowed after a year has passed. How exactly to define a year is debated a bit, but 365 days is the ultimate answer. A list of ineligible picks can be found here.
  • The coin flip rules are reworded.
  • It isn't part of the rules officially, but a tangent leads to the establishment of a Rickies Line of Succession.

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