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Connected #431: The Rickies (January 2023)

 3rd January 2023 at 9:36am
Episode: 431

  • 2022 saw some, uh, changes to Twitter, and the hosts had basically left the site by the end of the year. Thus, references to the Keynote Chairman and Annual Chairman Twitter accounts were removed from the Bill, although the accounts themselves still exist. Besides, they had been intended to stand in for a traveling trophy, but with The Tricky there's now an actual trophy that doesn't need international shipping multiple times a year. The idea of an entire Mastodon instance for the winners is proposed but left for later.
  • While finishing The Reading of The Rules for The Flexies, the hosts for the first time begin to consider a difference between the Annual Flexies champion and the Keynote one. Myke proposes an upgrade to the "chosen title" system as a result: if a host has both Flexie crowns, he may use a more prestigious title. The titles are: "King Flexie" for Federico, "Archduke of Flexington" for Myke, and, after consulting the line of succession and discovering that the next higher in line for the US Presidency is the Secretary of Defense, "Secretary of Deflex" for Stephen.

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