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The AirPower Game

jbiatek12th October 2021 at 11:49am
Game Other Games
Winner: Nobody

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Myke wants to know: when is AirPower going to come out? Before the 2018 iPhone event, during, or after? (The idea that it wouldn't come out at all apparently never occurred to him.) Federico wants to play for prizes, not just bragging rights, so Myke promises to come up with a prize. I don’t think that ever happens.

Non-Graded Picks

Federico Non‑graded "AirPower will come out before the 2018 iPhone event" 0
  • Confidence remained high even days before the event in episode 208.
Stephen Non‑graded "AirPower will come out the first week of December 2018" 0
  • This wasn't actually an option, but Stephen felt confident.
Myke Non‑graded "AirPower will come out after the 2018 iPhone event" 0

As it turns out, it didn't come out at all. At the beginning of 2019, Federico still held out 80% hope that AirPower still would come out... eventually.