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2022 September Rickies

 5th June 2024 at 11:31pm
Donation: $175 Donator: Stephen Flexies winner: Myke Winner: Federico

▶️ Episodes

🥇 Regular Picks

Federico Regular "At least one of the next 'Pro' iPhones will have an always-on display" 1
Myke Regular "At least one iPhone will have the notch removed, replaced by a cut-out(s) for the camera and sensors, free-floating from the border" 1
  • Or, as Stephen so poetically put it, "AKA an island of black glass in an ocean of pixels." Little did he know that Apple would actually call it "the Dynamic Island".
Stephen Regular "Apple shows off at least one iOS 16 feature that we haven't seen before" 1
Federico Regular "There won't be a mini iPhone in the iPhone 14 family" 1
Myke Regular "At least one iPhone gets an upgraded main camera" 1
Stephen Regular "The Apple Watch SE, announced in 2020, moves down in price with no feature changes" 0
  • Not graded: Series 7 or SE 2 takes the middle price point where the SE is now

⚠️ Risky Picks

Federico Risky "The iPhone 14 Pro Camera app introduces some kind of 3D capturing functionality" -1
Myke Risky "AirPods Max 2 can be folded to store more compactly" -1
  • Myke doesn't seem to have much confidence in this risky pick, but his other choices were shot down as insufficiently risky in negotiations.
Stephen Risky "iOS gets split-view support for multitasking to use 2 apps at once (reuse)" -1

🏆 Scores

  1. Federico: 1
  2. Myke: 1
  3. Stephen: 0

In an almost exact duplicate of the previous coin flip at WWDC earlier that year, Federico calls heads and defeats Myke for the win.

💪 Flexie Picks

Stephen Flexie "The keynote is a pre-recorded video" 1
Stephen Flexie "The iPhone 14 entry's price is the same or higher than the 13 mini's price of $699" 1
Stephen Flexie "The iPhone 14 Pro comes in a total of five colors" 0
Stephen Flexie "Apple mentions at least 1 feature "coming later"" 1
Stephen Flexie "Apple shows off at least one new MagSafe accessory" 0
Stephen Flexie "The A16 is built on a 3 nanometer process" 0
  • Very very close: it was 4 nm.
Stephen Flexie "The new high-end Apple Watch is named the "Apple Watch Pro"" 0
Stephen Flexie "The iPhone 14 Pro switches to titanium for the side rails" 0
Stephen Flexie "Center Stage comes to the iPhone" 0
  • This was tossed out as a possible replacement Risky pick for this game after Stephen's original got invalidated, but ultimately landed as a Flexie.
Stephen Flexie "Lightning is updated to be faster than USB 2.0" 0
Myke Flexie "A new iPhone Pro colour is Purple" 1
Myke Flexie "Astrophotography feature" 0
  • No verb necessary, Myke decides.
Myke Flexie "Satellite communication features for iPhone and/or Apple Watch" 1
Myke Flexie "Apple gives a new name to the A15 chip found in the non-Pro iPhones" 0
  • For example, instead of A15 Bionic, the A15 Trionic, just to make it sound newer.
Myke Flexie "New Apple Watch is a 'Series 8' Watch" 0
  • "It may 'technically' be an Edition, but no new name (like Pro or Max)"
  • As mentioned in the Upgrade Draft earlier in the week, but not chosen there. This was deemed insufficiently Risky, and so was demoted to a Flexie.
Myke Flexie "At least one iPhone model does not have a shipping date of September 16" 1
Myke Flexie "Someone is wearing the new Apple Watch while riding a skateboard" 0
  • A reference to the "Apple Watch Extreme" rumors. Maybe Tony Hawk?
Myke Flexie "We do not see John Ternus" 1
Myke Flexie "No trailers for Apple TV+ content" 1
Myke Flexie "Tim Cook says "good morning"" 1
Federico Flexie "On the always-on Lock Screen for iPhone 14 Pro, you see notifications in Count mode" 0
Federico Flexie "Faster MagSafe charging in at least one of the new iPhones" 0
Federico Flexie "iOS 16 is released on Monday, September 12" 1
Federico Flexie "At least one new watchOS feature or app is introduced alongside the new Apple Watch" 1
Federico Flexie "Ted Lasso Season 3 trailer" 0
Federico Flexie "There will be a system filter for "always-on display" in Focus" 0
  • Deemed incorrect because it wasn't mentioned and there was no way to find out at the time of grading. This was in fact the correct decision, as it was not present in iOS 16 originally. The feature did eventually arrive in iOS 16.4, so this pick was just a bit early.
Federico Flexie "You will be able to control which data types show on the always-on lock screen" 0
  • Similar to the privacy controls that the always-on Apple Watch has for complications
  • This could have been a feature at the time, but there was no way to know at the time of grading. With the OS now released, we know that it was not present after all.
Federico Flexie "The new big non-pro iPhone 14 is called the iPhone 14 Plus" 1
Federico Flexie "Bands for the new Apple Watch "Pro" are not backward compatible with other Apple Watches" 0
Federico Flexie "We do not see AirPods Max 2" 1
Federico Flexie "Apple introduces new Fitness+ workouts" 1
Federico Flexie "Tony Hawk will make an appearance at the event" 0

After Stephen storms in with 10 Flexies, the other hosts add more as well to make it a high-stakes game all around. It's bad strategy but good for bragging and good for charity, so this publication approves heartily.

💸 Flexie Scores

  1. Myke: 60.0% (6/10)
  2. Federico: 41.7% (5/12)
  3. Stephen: 30.0% (3/10)

Stephen donates $175 to St. Jude, of course. Kindly, Myke had him do it through Rickipedia's own sub-campaign.

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