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The Bill of Rickies

jbiatek 5th June 2024 at 10:25pm

(To be read out loud by Stephen before each pick and grading episode. For previous versions, use the slider at the bottom of the excellent version on

The Rickies


The Rickies is a game Connected hosts play before Apple keynotes and the beginning of a new year, trying to predict future events. It is made up of three rounds; each host makes 2 regular picks followed by a "risky" pick.

There are two types of Rickies: Annual Rickies and Keynote Rickies.

  • The winner of the Annual Rickies is named the Annual Chairman. This position is awarded every January.
  • The Keynote Rickies winner is named the Keynote Chairman. This position is held until the next keynote.

Hosts should be introduced at the top of each episode according to their current titles. In the event that a host has both positions, they shall be introduced as the "Ricky Benchman."

After The Rickies, the hosts play a game called The Flexies. These two games are separate but related. (Please stand for the reading of the rules.)


  • Correct regular picks are awarded 1 point. The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon recording, and no partial points may be awarded.
  • Correct risky picks are worth 2 points, but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host's total. Picks must have been approved as "risky" by the other two hosts before the start of the game.
  • Picks made for Keynote Rickies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next Keynote.
  • The Annual Rickies have their own subset of rules: once a host chooses something as an Annual pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar year. Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back Annual Rickies by the same host.
  • For Keynote Rickies, the scoring window starts when the live stream begins and closes when the picks are scored. Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.
  • All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.
  • Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete. In the event of a tie, Dice by PCalc must be used in Relay FM mode to pick a winner. In the case of a three-way tie, hosts all make their calls at the same time, with flipping continuing until a winner is named.
  • Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping coins in relation to The Rickies; coin "flips" by Jason on other podcasts are allowed, but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.
  • The order of picks is set by previous performance. The winner of the previous associated game goes first, the previous Loser goes last. Winners will be recognized during the Closing Ceremonies.

As a reminder, Myke is the current Annual Chairman, Stephen is the current Keynote Chairman.

Past results can be seen at and These sites also have pages about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

The Flexies


The Flexies is a game held after each edition of The Rickies. It consists of a series of additional picks made in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

Scoring is completed separately from the main game, but like The Rickies, the order of picks is set by the results of the previous event and ties will be broken using Dice by PCalc. (Please lie down as the rules are read.)


  • Hosts must make a minimum of 5 Flexie picks. Each correct pick is awarded with 1 point. Wrong picks do not remove any points and no partial points may be awarded.
  • The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexies made by each host.
  • The winner can use their chosen title as long as they are the winner:
    • Federico shall be named "Prince Flexie", and is known as "King Flexie" when having won both the Keynote and Annual games.
    • Myke has chosen "Duke of Flexington", and uses the name "Archduke Flexington" when applicable.
    • Stephen is the "Attorney General Flexie", and uses the title "Secretary of Deflex" when necessary.
  • Loser of the Flexies must compensate the winner of the Flexies by donating to a charity of the winner's choice. The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexie made by the Loser. The money must be donated on air.

Federico is the current winner of the Keynote Flexies and as such may be referred to as Prince Flexie. Stephen is the current winner of the Annual Flexies and as such may be referred to as Attorney General Flexie.

If someone holds all four titles, they are allowed to choose their own moniker.

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