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Ineligible Picks

26th August 2022 at 9:36am

Each host is currently forbidden from reusing the specified picks in any upcoming Keynote Games. They also cannot use the Annual picks in the next Annual Games. Each list is specific to each host, so while Stephen may not reuse from his own list, Federico could reuse a pick from Stephen's list.

Stephen's Forbidden Picks

Type2022 September RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "Apple shows off at least one iOS 16 feature that we haven’t seen before" 1
Stephen Regular "The Apple Watch SE, announced in 2020, moves down in price with no feature changes" 0
  • Not graded: Series 7 or SE 2 takes the middle price point where the SE is now
Stephen Risky "iOS gets split-view support for multitasking to use 2 apps at once (reuse)" -1
Type2023 Annual RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "WWDC 2023 follows the same format as WWDC 2022, with a small number of people invited in person"
  • No convention center, no ticket lottery, just like in 2022.
Stephen Regular "No Intel Macs are left on sale (as new) at the end of 2023"
  • "Does not include the refurbished or educational stores." Or, in other words, the Intel Mac Minis and Mac Pro are not sold as new anymore (and of course they don't introduce a new Intel Mac).
Stephen Risky "Apple releases an iPad Pro with a screen between 15.0 and 15.9999 inches which replaces the 11-inch model"
  • Was originally just "15 inch" but a specific range was requested after Federico's pick was read.

Myke's Forbidden Picks

Type2022 September RickiesScore
Myke Regular "At least one iPhone will have the notch removed, replaced by a cut-out(s) for the camera and sensors, free-floating from the border" 1
  • Or, as Stephen so poetically put it, "AKA an island of black glass in an ocean of pixels." Little did he know that Apple would actually call it "the Dynamic Island".
Myke Regular "At least one iPhone gets an upgraded main camera" 1
Myke Risky "AirPods Max 2 can be folded to store more compactly" -1
  • Myke doesn't seem to have much confidence in this risky pick, but his other choices were shot down as insufficiently risky in negotiations.
Type2023 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Regular "Apple releases a larger MacBook Air"
Myke Regular "An iPhone gets USB-C"
  • Seems inevitable but it might be a bit ahead of its time.
  • Ungraded: might just be the Pro phones, to advertise the improved transfer speeds.
Myke Risky "Apple shows off their headset in March, they announce developer tools at WWDC, then show it off again at an event in September. It ships to customers in October"

Federico's Forbidden Picks

Type2022 September RickiesScore
Federico Regular "At least one of the next 'Pro' iPhones will have an always-on display" 1
Federico Regular "There won't be a mini iPhone in the iPhone 14 family" 1
Federico Risky "The iPhone 14 Pro Camera app introduces some kind of 3D capturing functionality" -1
Type2023 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Regular "Apple releases a new Mac mini"
  • Ungraded: Probably the same design but with an M2 chip. More Thunderbolt ports would be nice.
Federico Regular "There will not be an iPhone 15 mini"
Federico Risky "Apple will release its biggest iPad ever with a display of at least 16 inches..."
  • "... It won't be OLED, it'll have the front-facing camera on the landscape side, and two USB-C ports at least. It'll be called iPad Studio."