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Ineligible Picks

 26th August 2022 at 9:36am

Each host is currently forbidden from reusing the specified picks in any upcoming Keynote Games. They also cannot use the Annual picks in the next Annual Games. Each list is specific to each host, so while Stephen may not reuse from his own list, Federico could reuse a pick from Stephen's list.

Stephen's Forbidden Picks

Type2024 Annual RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "The Apple Watch 10 brings an updated design inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra in some way"
  • Ungraded: "Action Button, flat glass or crown guard, for example"
Stephen Regular "There will be no second-generation Vision Pro announced in 2024"
Stephen Risky "Apple's CEO succession plan leaks"
Type2024 May RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "Apple announces updates for Final Cut Pro and/or Logic for the iPad" 1
  • Was originally just "pro apps" but Federico wanted some clarification.
Stephen Regular "The new iPad Air comes in the current iPad Pro sizes: 11-inch and 12.9-inch" 1
  • Apple changed to just calling it 13", but it's actually exactly the same, so Stephen gets the point.
Stephen Risky "We get new Macs" -1
  • Ungraded: probably a new Mac mini

Myke's Forbidden Picks

Type2024 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Regular "The first OLED iPad is introduced"
Myke Regular "There is a new, larger, non-Pro iPad"
Myke Risky "A game made by a studio owned by Meta is released on Vision Pro"
Type2024 May RickiesScore
Myke Regular "The iPad Pro features a camera on the horizontal bezel" 1
Myke Regular "The iPad Pro has a higher starting price for both models" 1
  • The old models started at $799 and $1099.
  • New prices: $999 and $1299, so definitely yes. (To be fair, you also get more storage for that price.)
Myke Risky "The iPad Pro gets MagSafe charging, but it's not what you think…" -1
  • "Not the MagSafe an iPhone has."
  • In other words, an iPhone MagSafe charger will not charge an iPad Pro, but it will have a new charging method called MagSafe, likely the MacBook's MagSafe or very similar.

Federico's Forbidden Picks

Type2024 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Regular "The keyboard for iPad Pro is substantially redesigned for the first time since its introduction in 2020"
  • Federico's cohosts generously helped workshop some of the possible nitpicks out of the pick.
  • Ungraded: "function row, backlight, material change, multiple USB ports, different viewing angles"
Federico Regular "iOS 18 will bring new AI features based on LLMs with some generative capabilities"
Federico Risky "A new iPad Pro will feature..."
  • "... a front-facing camera on the landscape side, higher than 27W fast charging, and eventually support more than 4 windows in the same Stage Manager workspace."
  • Before the episode, this pick also included the detail of some models coming with more than 16 GB of RAM, but in keeping with the new, less outlandish tone of risky picks, Myke asked that it be toned down a bit.
Type2024 May RickiesScore
Federico Regular "The new iPad Pros come with a new (to the platform) display technology" 1
Federico Regular "Apple unveils a new Apple Pencil" 1
Federico Risky "The new iPad Pros can run a version of macOS when needed" -1
  • Ungraded: "Native, virtualized, or Mac Virtual Display?"