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Ineligible Picks

14th October 2021 at 3:32pm
The Bill of Rickies

The following picks are currently not available for reuse, as per The Bill of Rickies specification of 365 days (established in episode 367).


Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Regular "Apple announces a new Mac Pro powered by Apple Silicon"
Stephen Regular "The iPad mini does receive the new design language"
  • "Originally, Stephen said it would not receive it", but the other hosts criticized him for his negativity.
Federico Regular "Apple launches at least one iPad model with a new display technology"
  • He initially picked mini LED specifically. And after further discussion it was agreed that this meant a new display technology for the iPad, so for example OLED would also count.
Myke Regular "iOS 15 gives users more home screen customization options"
  • Specifically not iPadOS 15.
Stephen Regular "No in-person WWDC 2021"
Federico Regular "Apple launches 'AirTags' accessories for tracking physical objects"
  • The name may be different.
Myke Risky "A Mac gets a screen that supports touch and/or Apple Pencil input"
  • Myke was torn between this and "iPad multitasking is overhauled again", but elected to make the more passionate pick.
Stephen Risky "Apple has Apple Silicon versions of all of its Intel Macs on sale by the end of 2021"
  • "No Intel Macs are available for sale without an Apple Silicon counterpart." Myke points out the iMac Pro as a potential spoiler.
  • (For pick complexity purposes, I'm counting this as 1 condition for each Mac line that still had no Apple Silicon counterpart at the beginning of 2021: The larger MacBook Pros, the iMac in both sizes, the iMac Pro, and the Mac Pro. The Mac mini is 1 line with a high end and low end, so it already had an "Apple Silicon counterpart" although the high end Mac mini was still Intel.)
Federico Risky "Apple will release a new programming app for iPad"
  • Federico asks to be quoted as "very very positive" that he will win on the strength of this Ricky Pick.
  • Not Swift Playgrounds, that is not new.
  • This was deemed not a reuse of a previous pick since it is even riskier and more specific.
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "The iPad Pro is updated to a variant of the A14 chip" 0
  • If it's the M1, Apple would have to also mention that the M1 is an A14 variant to get the pick.
Myke Regular "The 12.9" iPad Pro ships later than the 11" iPad Pro" 0
Federico Regular "At least one of the new iPad Pros will have a Thunderbolt/USB4 port" 1
Stephen Regular "The big iPad Pro is updated with a feature that is unique to it" 1
Myke Regular "The iPad Pro gets 5G" 1
Federico Regular "Only the big iPad Pro gets the new display technology" 1
Stephen Risky "At this event, we see some sort of AR-focused hardware" -1
Myke Risky "2 sizes of iMac announced" -1
Federico Risky "The iPad Pro, with an updated USB-4/Thunderbolt port, features a new kind of support for external displays" -1
  • Ungraded: the multitasking system gets redesigned to better support external displays
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Federico Regular "In the next version of iPadOS, you can put widgets in more places (out of the left column)" 1
Myke Regular "No preview of AR/VR/MR-focused hardware" 1
Stephen Regular "iPadOS 15 brings organization changes to the home screen that don’t exist on the iPhone, including iOS 15" 0
  • "Widgets on home screen and App Library don't count as they are on the iPhone already"
  • This was originally a Risky Pick, but Myke couldn't get enough clarity for what it meant.
Federico Regular "WidgetKit gains new interactivity features that allow you to perform actions inside widgets without launching the associated app" 0
Myke Regular "Shortcuts for the Mac" 1
Stephen Regular "No word on an Apple Silicon Mac Pro" 1
  • Stephen originally had a Risky Pick stating that we'd get a release date, but did a complete reversal because of late breaking rumors
Federico Risky "Legacy widgets are completely removed from the system, and there is no longer a place to put widgets to the left of the main home screen" -1
Myke Risky "Apple makes changes to the rules on in-app purchases, removing restrictions on linking to external websites for account creation, etc." -1
  • This came later in the year as a result of an antitrust settlement with Japan.
Stephen Risky "Apple unveils a new high-end audio product" -1
  • "As defined by a price of over $399, or it's a stand-alone DAC."
  • The idea of an official Apple DAC sparks a lot of discussion.
Type2021 September RickiesScore
Myke Regular "At least one iPhone gets a 120 hz refresh rate display" 1
  • This was nearly a reuse of a previous pick before the live chat caught it. The fix was to specify an exact refresh rate to make it more specific.
Federico Regular "There will be a setting to disable the higher refresh rate in at least one of the new iPhones" 1
  • Was originally just a pick about a new, as-yet-unannounced iOS 15 feature, but the hosts suspected that was another reuse.
  • In retrospect, this was a tricky pick to grade because how would we know the day after the event? Federico provides some insider information indicating that the setting does exist, but can it be said to have "come true", as the rule states, without proof? The meaning of truth itself is debated, perhaps a philosophical high point for the Rickies. The point is ultimately granted, with the understanding that in the future, the rules will be amended to clarify that picks must be publicly verifiable to earn points.
Stephen Regular "The Pro iPhone gets a new camera feature the regular iPhone doesn't get" 1
Myke Regular "The new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro will not be announced at this event" 1
  • This was originally going to be "No Macs", but at this point everyone was on the lookout for reused picks and this one has come up a few times.
Federico Regular "The new iPhones keep the same screen sizes as last year" 1
Stephen Regular "The Apple Watch SE gets a price cut" 0
Myke Risky "An iPhone gets an always-on display with a UI element that is reminiscent of Apple Watch complications" -1
Federico Risky "An iPhone gets an updated Face ID sensor that supports partially occluded faces" -1
  • Cannot be a feature that comes to existing iPhones
Stephen Risky "MagSafe is updated to support 20 watt charging or higher, but a new puck is required" -1
  • This was originally just "faster charging", but the live chat pointed out a recent FCC filing by Apple which undercut the riskiness of the pick. Stephen added a specific wattage target and also had to decide whether the existing MagSafe puck will support the higher wattage.
Type2021 October RickiesScore
Myke Regular "Apple unveils a new MacBook Pro" 1
  • And Myke unveils a new strategy for picks: obvious, passionate, risky. This is clearly the first.
Federico Regular "At least one new MacBook Pro model has an upgraded webcam with a higher resolution" 1
  • Must be better than the current 720p. Ungraded, Federico expects a 1080p camera.
Stephen Regular "At least 1 new Mac model announced ships in November" 0
  • All of them shipped in October.
Myke Regular "We get a colour option that is new to the MacBook Pro (name)" 0
  • This was originally "new in name or hue", but some questioning of what a new hue would be resulted in relying solely on a new colour name.
Federico Regular "Any kind of release timeframe is provided for macOS Monterey" 1
  • Apparently feeling humble, Federico admits that this is a "boring" pick. It was originally "release date", but when some questioning about whether just a month would count came up, he watered it down.
Stephen Regular "Apple announces a Mac mini that is more performant than the original M1 model" 0
Myke Risky "Apple teases another Mac, that is not for sale right now, with Pro in the name, and says that it is coming next year" -1
  • It was originally "Mac product", but there was some controversy over whether that includes accessories and displays. Ultimately, Myke upped the difficulty and removed the word "product".
Federico Risky "Apple announces a new display that is not the Pro XDR, launching by the end of 2021 somewhere" -1
  • This was originally a pick about the Mac Pro being fully announced, but it was too close to Myke's risky pick.
Stephen Risky "5G becomes an option on at least one MacBook" -1