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jbiatek 12th June 2024 at 12:16pm

This is Rickipedia, a comprehensive repository of information about the ever-evolving Apple prediction game played on Connected by hosts Stephen Hackett, Myke Hurley, and Federico Viticci.

“Better than, maybe, anything else I’ve ever seen on the Internet ever”
— Myke Hurley, Connected #344

Browse the extensive selection of scores and stats, a breakdown of picks by topic, a copy of The Bill of Rickies with a changelog, search the database or just the picks, and more.

✨ What's new

The API has been updated with the latest changes to The Bill of Rickies, including the new title of "Ricky Benchman." There is also a new, easy way to get the current titles for each host, which should make it easy to upgrade your software to give proper deference and respect to the hosts and the offices that they hold. This is already powering the Connected intro site, and surely countless more are on the way.

🏃 Active games

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