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Bill of Rickies Changes

13th October 2021 at 5:48pm
The Bill of Rickies

To see each iteration of the Bill as it existed over time, check out the incredible interactive Bill of Rickies at

  • #368:
    • Matt VanOrmer, Discord admin extraordinaire, made an official physical trophy for The Rickies, which can be changed to reflect the current Chairmanships. It is dubbed The Tricky after its clever implementation. The rules are updated with the proper procedures for the new trophy.
  • #367:
    • Removed a redundant and inaccurate line about access to the Twitter accounts.
    • Resolving an issue that came up in the 2021 September Rickies (for this pick specifically), picks can only be deemed correct if publicly available information is available.
    • Reuse of picks is revisited, and is changed to be allowed after a year has passed. How exactly to define a year is debated a bit, but 365 days is the ultimate answer. A list of ineligible picks can be found here.
    • The coin flip rules are reworded.
    • It isn't part of the rules officially, but a tangent leads to the establishment of a Rickies Line of Succession.
  • #362:
    • The phrasing about annual pick order is modified to match the phrasing of the Keynote order rule.
    • Dice by PCalc, in its RelayFM mode, is made the official method of flipping coins. Jason Snell continues to be banned for life from flipping physical coins.
  • #349:
    • Flexies are changed to be graded purely by percentage, which had been the rule in the hosts' minds for some time anyway. (For the record, this publication had some thoughts on this and was very much not listened to. But at least now it's clear.) If the ratio is the same, the tie is broken by coin flip (even if the number of picks differ, e.g. 3/6 and 5/10).
    • The long standing practice of resolving ties with coin flips was codified, with a lifetime ban on Jason Snell flipping a physical coin.
  • #348: Links to fan sites and Rickipedia were added to the top of the document.
  • #328: "Non-graded" removed from the Flexie rules by listener request.
  • #327: Clarified the difference between Keynote and Annual Chairmanships.
  • #316:
    • Clarified that Flexies may be reused (technically the "no reuse" rule wasn't in the Flexies section anyway, but it was agreed that banning their reuse would be too limiting).
    • Myke notices that the rules do not identify when keynote picks can come true, and proposes that the window open at the start of the event and close at grading. (He also noted this in #311 and proposed the same rule change, but it was never written down.) Stephen prefers starting at the publication of the prediction episode, but Federico breaks the tie in Myke's favor, agreeing that it is a competition about the event. Unlike the Keynote Draft on Upgrade, which only allows information from the presentation itself, ancillary material is allowed. For example, a specifications page that clarifies details may figure into grading as long as it is available at that time.
  • #312: Donations for the Flexies must be done on the air after Stephen chooses to do so.
  • #311:
    • The title of "Chairman Ricky" is rephrased as "Keynote Chairman" and "Annual Chairman".
    • The Flexie rules are simplified back down to just a donation to charity, dropping the additional gift to the winner.
    • The existing Chairman Twitter accounts are explicitly added to the written rules.
  • #300: The "ratio" based tiebreaker for the Flexies is added, and then the ideas start flowing. Instead of just buying drinks for the winner, bigger financial stakes are added. After much debate, the final decision is that the loser must pay both $25 per wrong Flexie to the winner's choice of charity and also purchase a surprise for the winner of the same amount. A 5 Flexie minimum is added. "tondog" in the Discord coins "The Bill of Rickies".
  • #275: The practice of separating annual picks and event picks for the purpose of pick order was codified in the written rules, after being discussed in #260. Stephen coins “The Flexies”.
  • #259: Myke proposes naming the competition "The Rickies", after Stephen's now infamous typo. The rule about the previous winner going first is revised. The title for the winner is "Chairman Ricky".
  • #245: Stephen said "Ricky" instead of "risky" in an iMessage, and now they're Ricky Picks. The loser of the non-graded picks has to buy drinks at the WWDC live show.
  • #243: No reuse of picks added as a new rule.
  • #236: The unwritten rule of resolving ties with Siri coin flips was established.
  • #224:
    • At some point in 2018, apparently Federico insisted that half points be banned.
    • "Everything written down must come true" added.
  • #174: The Risky Pick round emerges fully formed from Federico's head after he hears Myke describe wanting to go big with a very specific pick. Two points for a correct pick and loss of a point for an incorrect one, to be implemented for the first time in the 2018 Annual Predictions.
  • #123: The first "predictions draft", used "round robin" ordering in 3 rounds. Picks were not allowed to be too "simple", like "Apple will release an iPhone", they must be specific. Myke decides, apparently on the spot, that these predictions will be checked at the end of the year to pick a winner.