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2023 Annual Rickies

jbiatek31st December 2022 at 11:16pm
Flexies winner: TBD Winner: TBD

▶️ Episodes

🥇 Regular Picks

Myke Regular "Apple releases a larger MacBook Air"
Federico Regular "Apple releases a new Mac mini"
  • Ungraded: Probably the same design but with an M2 chip. More Thunderbolt ports would be nice.
Stephen Regular "WWDC 2023 follows the same format as WWDC 2022, with a small number of people invited in person"
  • No convention center, no ticket lottery, just like in 2022.
Myke Regular "An iPhone gets USB-C"
  • Seems inevitable but it might be a bit ahead of its time.
  • Ungraded: might just be the Pro phones, to advertise the improved transfer speeds.
Federico Regular "There will not be an iPhone 15 mini"
Stephen Regular "No Intel Macs are left on sale (as new) at the end of 2023"
  • "Does not include the refurbished or educational stores." Or, in other words, the Intel Mac Minis and Mac Pro are not sold as new anymore (and of course they don't introduce a new Intel Mac).

⚠️ Risky Picks

Myke Risky "Apple shows off their headset in March, they announce developer tools at WWDC, then show it off again at an event in September. It ships to customers in October"
Federico Risky "Apple will release its biggest iPad ever with a display of at least 16 inches..."
  • "... It won't be OLED, it'll have the front-facing camera on the landscape side, and two USB-C ports at least. It'll be called iPad Studio."
Stephen Risky "Apple releases an iPad Pro with a screen between 15.0 and 15.9999 inches which replaces the 11-inch model"
  • Was originally just "15 inch" but a specific range was requested after Federico's pick was read.

💪 Flexie Picks

Myke Flexie "There is no iPad bigger than 12.9 inches"
Myke Flexie "An iPhone gets a periscope camera"
Myke Flexie "Apple's headset has widgets that look similar to iOS"
Myke Flexie "Apple releases an iMac with a larger screen"
Myke Flexie "AirPods Max 2 feature a foldable design, and come with a new case that fully encloses them"
Myke Flexie "The iPad mini gets updated, featuring either a mini LED or OLED screen"
Myke Flexie "Apple will release a new monitor"
  • Myke wanted an additional pick to match the 7 of the other hosts, so this was thrown in after the others had gone.
Stephen Flexie "The iPad mini will be updated"
Stephen Flexie "Apple Music Classical ships"
  • Was originally written "Apple Music Classic", but Myke pointed out that it isn't called "classic music".
Stephen Flexie "Twitter will file for bankruptcy"
Stephen Flexie "The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro use the same generation system-on-a-chip"
  • They could be different chips with different branding, but not, say, an A16 and an A15.
Stephen Flexie "Apple sells an "iPhone 15 Ultra""
Stephen Flexie "The Apple Silicon Mac Pro allows third-party GPUs to be used"
Stephen Flexie "The Mac Mini is updated to include more than one system-on-a-chip option"
  • e.g. M2 and M2 Pro.
Federico Flexie "There will be new ways to invoke Siri by voice instead of saying "Hey Siri""
Federico Flexie "Apple will revive the HomePod line with new devices"
  • New deviceS, plural. Must be at least 2 and must be new products, not product refreshes like a new HomePod mini.
Federico Flexie "Second-generation AirPods Max will ship during the year"
  • Was originally "AirPods Max 2" specifically.
Federico Flexie "There is no second generation Apple Watch Ultra this year"
Federico Flexie "Apple brings new actions to Shortcuts to control windows on iPadOS"
Federico Flexie "Apple releases new developer APIs for Stage Manager"
  • At the time of picking there were not any developer APIs for Stage Manager on either macOS or iPadOS, so anything will be "new".
Federico Flexie "At least one Twitter app update will be rejected from the App Store"