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Ahead of Its Time

 31st December 2022 at 4:03pm

Credit must be given to Lex Postma of for expanding on the "ahead of its time" idea by also including how far ahead each pick was, which enabled stats like these at the bottom of the page, and is generally a fantastic idea that I hadn't even considered.

Individual Stats

Stephen has had 30 picks come true too late.

  • When he has had a wrong pick, 32.3% of the time it has come true later.
  • 6 of these were risky picks and 6 were regular picks, for a total of 18 missed points.
  • The soonest was by 4 days and the latest was by 1097 days.
  • When Stephen is ahead of his time, on average it is by 351.93 days.

Myke has had 26 picks come true too late.

  • When he has had a wrong pick, 30.6% of the time it has come true later.
  • 3 of these were risky picks and 4 were regular picks, for a total of 10 missed points.
  • The soonest was by 7 days and the latest was by 1825 days.
  • When Myke is ahead of his time, on average it is by 382.62 days.

Federico has had 39 picks come true too late.

  • When he has had a wrong pick, 35.5% of the time it has come true later.
  • 5 of these were risky picks and 7 were regular picks, for a total of 17 missed points.
  • The soonest was by 34 days and the latest was by 1301 days.
  • When Federico is ahead of his time, on average it is by 373.95 days.

All "Ahead of Its Time" Picks

HostPickAhead by
MykeA new, unique case1825 days
FedericoApple TV box gets a price cut1301 days
FedericoiOS 10.3 with a redesigned split screen revealing the home screen and the app switcher instead of the vertical slider we have now1253 days
StepheniCloud family photo sharing1097 days will get modern features like snoozing1097 days
StephenThe iPhone Pro moves to USB-C1063 days
FedericoApple will release at least 1 new pro app for iPad that we haven't previously seen on iPad858 days
MykeApple will introduce a new iMac design with an accompanying external display797 days
StephenAt this event, we see some sort of AR-focused hardware773 days
FedericoWidgetKit gains new interactivity features that allow you to perform actions inside widgets without launching the associated app725 days
MykeImproved external display support for iPadOS712 days
FedericoNew iMessage features, including the ability to retract sent messages712 days
FedericoThe AirPods line is split in two, and the lower end version gets a price drop712 days
StephenApple unveils a new external display639 days
MykeA new Apple Display625 days
FedericoApple Music will be redesigned again599 days
MykeSome surprise hardware, like a Tile tracker588 days
FedericoApple will also announce a service bundle to get multiple services for one integrated fee540 days
MykeOn iOS 12, the home screen features more than just app icons539 days
MykeApple announces a new Mac Pro powered by Apple Silicon520 days
StephenApple has Apple Silicon versions of all of its Intel Macs on sale by the end of 2021520 days
FedericoWidgetKit will support new widget sizes and more interactivity520 days
FedericoiOS and iPadOS 15 get native HomeKit widgets459 days
StephenApple announces a Mac mini that is more performant than the original M1 model454 days
FedericoA new smart keyboard: new material, backlit keys, a dedicated Siri key442 days
FedericoDriverKit comes to iPadOS to let more kinds of accessories be supported on iPad409 days
FedericoThe iPad Pro, with an updated USB-4/Thunderbolt port, features a new kind of support for external displays409 days
FedericoThe 9th generation iPad is introduced with a USB-C connector397 days
StephenThe iPod Touch is taken down from sale in the wake of the event382 days
MykeApple TV+ will be free with another subscription371 days
FedericoThe iPhone 14 Pro Camera app introduces some kind of 3D capturing functionality369 days
StephenThe iPhone 14 Pro switches to titanium for the side rails369 days
MykeApple's classical music service is unveiled365 days
MykeDetails of a new iPad mini364 days
StephenThe iPad mini will be updated with a new design inspired by the iPad Pro's design364 days
StephenThird party widgets gain interactivity362 days
FedericoBetter external display support on iPad361 days
FedericoiOS 15 drops support for the iPhone 6S361 days
FedericoThe Weather app comes to iPad361 days
MykeAn iPhone gets an always-on display with a UI element that is reminiscent of Apple Watch complications356 days
StephenThe Apple Watch SE gets a price cut356 days
MykeDevelopers will get tools for more control over refresh rate/frame rate in apps350 days
FedericowatchOS 7 will feature mental health features350 days
StephenThe Mac Pro will ship by the end of 2018343 days
FedericoAt least one of the Apple Silicon Macs has a Pro Motion display343 days
MykeNew AirPods or AirPods Pro343 days
MykeNew MagSafe charging case for existing AirPods343 days
MykeOver-ear headphones (i.e. HeadPods)342 days
MykeThe next HomePod is a mini HomePod342 days
StephenFirst ARM Mac ships321 days
StephenThe Intel Mac mini is removed from sale314 days
FedericoApple announces original podcast content309 days
StephenApple's classical music service is announced293 days
StephenThe 13 inch MacBook Pro will gain a larger screen291 days
FedericoAt least one of the 2020 iPhones will have a higher refresh rate display (Pro Motion)257 days
MykeApple Watch with an always-on display252 days
StephenBetter incorporation of Apple News into the audio ecosystem252 days
FedericoA new way to turn off confirmation banners in Shortcuts245 days
FedericoApple launches an AR navigation mode for Apple Maps238 days
FedericoApple launches a new HD tier for Apple Music217 days
FedericoBig Sur on the new Apple Silicon Macs comes with a low power mode feature210 days
StephenA new iPad comes in a new color for its line209 days
MykeUpdated Apple TV190 days
FedericoThere will be a system filter for "always-on display" in Focus190 days
FedericoiWork updates for iOS 12187 days
StephenThe iPhone Pro comes in 5 colors/finishes, not the traditional 4176 days
FedericoTed Lasso Season 3 trailer172 days
FedericoThe iPad home screen will continue to change with new elements and additions158 days
StephenApple announces Windows for ARM coming via virtualization in the future156 days
MykeApple releases a weather API156 days
MykeApple gives a sneak peak of the new Mac Pro...156 days
FedericoApple Notes will borrow some features from the modern generation of note-taking apps155 days
StephenAppKit and UIKit give birth to something new and cross-platform153 days
FedericoApple Video and Apple Music have dedicated apps for Mac and iOS153 days
StepheniTunes rewrite or replacement for Mac OS153 days
FedericoReminders will get a major redesign modeled after iOS 11 and Files153 days
StepheniPod Touch updated147 days
FedericoApple announces a new display that is not the Pro XDR, launching by the end of 2021 somewhere141 days
MykeNew MacBook Pro133 days
FedericoApple will name a successor to Steve Dowling, former head of public relations at Apple127 days
StephenThe iPod Touch will be cancelled124 days
MykeApple unveils the first Mac powered by an M2 chip89 days
MykeApple makes changes to the rules on in-app purchases, removing restrictions on linking to external websites for account creation, etc.87 days
StephenApple puts a cheaper display on sale as a sibling to the XDR66 days
FedericoCatalina gets a release date61 days
FedericoA new Smart Keyboard48 days
MykeNew iPads48 days
MykeNew pencil and keyboard48 days
FedericoTwo new iPad Pros48 days
StephenA new AirPods product is announced34 days
FedericoNew AirPods announced with a MagSafe compatible case34 days
StephenBig Sur gets a release date29 days
StephenA more powerful Mac Mini is announced, but it is not a "Mac Mini Pro"17 days
MykeiOS 14.5 will drop within 24 hours of the event7 days
StepheniPad Air preorder date announced4 days