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 1st May 2024 at 9:57am

Stephen's iPadOS Picks

Type2021 April RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "The big iPad Pro is updated with a feature that is unique to it" 1
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "iPadOS 15 brings organization changes to the home screen that don't exist on the iPhone, including iOS 15" 0
  • "Widgets on home screen and App Library don't count as they are on the iPhone already"
  • This was originally a Risky Pick, but Myke couldn't get enough clarity for what it meant.
Type2022 WWDC RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "iPadOS is updated to include a more desktop-like mode with resizable and overlapping windows" 1
  • Was originally a Risky pick with the addition of a "with keyboard and trackpad" clause, but some WebKit source code changes made it much less risky. He watered it down further by removing an "overlapping" clause as well and not phrasing it as a "desktop-like mode", but then decided to just go all the way back to the original pick.
Type2023 WWDC RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "iPadOS 17 gains Lock Screen customization" 1
Type2024 May RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "iPad Virtual Display announced for visionOS" 0

Myke's iPadOS Picks

Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Myke Regular "The iPad home screen gets new features" 1
  • The ability to stack widgets is juuuuuust enough to count.
Myke Non‑graded "Improved external display support for iPadOS" 0
  • Finally came true in 2022 at WWDC.
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "iPad multitasking is overhauled again" 1
Type2022 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "iPadOS multitasking remains unchanged from iOS 15's implementation" 0
Type2022 WWDC RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "More apps can use a picture-in-picture-style window on iPadOS" 0
Myke Flexie "There is no additional external display support for iPadOS" 0
Myke Flexie "iPadOS multitasking remains fundamentally the same as the iPadOS 15 version" 0
Type2024 May RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "iPadOS 17 AI enhancements for iPad only" 0
  • Was originally "iOS" but Federico is a stickler for the Apple style guide.

Federico's iPadOS Picks

Type2020 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Non‑graded "The iPad home screen will continue to change with new elements and additions" 0
  • The iPad went mostly unchanged in 2020, but iPadOS 15 did bring changes the next year.
Type2020 September RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Apple showcases at least one new feature coming in iOS or iPadOS 14.1" 0
  • The version number wasn't stated explicitly, otherwise Fitness+ would have counted.
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Federico Risky "The iPad Pro, with an updated USB-4/Thunderbolt port, features a new kind of support for external displays" -1
  • Ungraded: the multitasking system gets redesigned to better support external displays
  • The external display support finally came in 2022.
Federico Flexie "DriverKit comes to iPadOS to let more kinds of accessories be supported on iPad" 0
Federico Flexie "Hypervisor comes to iPad" 0
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Federico Regular "In the next version of iPadOS, you can put widgets in more places (out of the left column)" 1
Federico Flexie "Better external display support on iPad" 0
Federico Flexie "iOS and iPadOS 15 get native HomeKit widgets" 0
  • These came to the iOS 16 lock screen the next year.
Type2022 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Apple brings Mail extensions to iOS and iPadOS" 0
Federico Flexie "Some Mac-only Shortcuts actions will become available on iPhone and iPad" 0
Type2022 March RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Universal Control is demoed again" 0
Type2022 WWDC RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Shortcuts gets an API on iOS and iPadOS for apps to run Shortcuts directly, without URL schemes" 0
Federico Flexie "iPadOS gets improved split view with at least 3 apps at once" 0
Type2023 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Apple brings new actions to Shortcuts to control windows on iPadOS" 0
Federico Flexie "Apple releases new developer APIs for Stage Manager" 0
  • At the time of picking there were not any developer APIs for Stage Manager on either macOS or iPadOS, so anything will be "new".
Type2023 WWDC RickiesScore
Federico Risky "The next version of iPadOS will introduce a brand new audio routing system, with support for selecting different input sources, similar to macOS..." -1
  • "... This feature will finally allow podcasters like me to record local audio while also being on a FaceTime or Zoom call (assuming apps add support for it)."
  • And there's even more that isn't graded: "Devices that do not require drivers will work out of the box, like in macOS. I think the Sounds page of Settings will be redesigned."
  • Federico guesses that this is his longest-ever Risky Pick, and he's right, this is in fact his longest ever pick period, beating out this one from earlier the same year.
Federico Flexie "Stage Manager for iPad gets support for clamshell mode with external displays" 0
Type2024 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "iPadOS 18 will feature new controls for audio input and output"