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Developer tools

11th September 2021 at 9:50am

Stephen's Developer tools Picks

Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Stephen Non‑graded "AppKit and UIKit give birth to something new and cross-platform" 0
  • SwiftUI was announced in 2019.

Myke's Developer tools Picks

Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Myke Non‑graded "Developers will get tools for more control over refresh rate/frame rate in apps" 0
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "Apple releases a weather API" 0
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Myke Risky "Apple makes changes to the rules on in-app purchases, removing restrictions on linking to external websites for account creation, etc." -1
  • This came later in the year as a result of an antitrust settlement with Japan.
Myke Flexie "Tools for developers to make smoother or faster animations in iOS" 1

Federico's Developer tools Picks

Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "Shortcuts 2.0 is showed off at WWDC with a new developer framework for apps" 1
  • "Shortcuts also gets folders and AirPlay actions in 2019."
Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Federico Risky "The iPad gets a new development tool to write code, on device, that is not Swift Playgrounds" -1
Federico Non‑graded "New Notes framework for developers" 0
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "WidgetKit will support new widget sizes and more interactivity" 0
  • The boolean operator "and" ends up taking this pick down.
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "DriverKit comes to iPadOS to let more kinds of accessories be supported on iPad" 0
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Federico Regular "WidgetKit gains new interactivity features that allow you to perform actions inside widgets without launching the associated app" 0