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Apple management

31st December 2022 at 4:03pm

Stephen's Apple management Picks

Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Stephen Non‑graded "Someone on Apple's executive website will leave or be fired" 1

Myke's Apple management Picks

Type2022 September RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "We do not see John Ternus" 1
Myke Flexie "Tim Cook says "good morning"" 1

Federico's Apple management Picks

Type2017 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Regular "An executive shakeup in the iOS or Mac OS software teams" 0
Type2020 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Regular "Apple will name a successor to Steve Dowling, former head of public relations at Apple" 0
  • "Either named by Apple officially, or reported by more than one outlet that a person has been appointed."
  • Clearly in no hurry to do this, Apple finally hired Stella Low to the role in 2021.