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11th September 2021 at 9:50am

Stephen's macOS Picks

Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Stephen Risky "iTunes rewrite or replacement for Mac OS" -1
  • iTunes was eventually split up in 2019.
Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Stephen Non‑graded "WWDC will introduce a multi-year plan to move macOS and iOS closer" 1
  • Mac Catalyst and SwiftUI deemed to fulfill this
Type2019 WWDC PredictionsScore
Stephen Regular "Apple replaces at least one bundled macOS app with a Marzipan version" 1
  • It's called Catalyst, not Marzipan, which is pushed back on a little. Podcasts is cited as fulfilling this (is it replacing a Mac app? Stephen gets away with this a bit) and they say that Messages might now be a Catalyst app, but in fact it isn't.
  • The permissive grading may be due to the other hosts not wanting to get too picky when it comes to grading later picks.
Type2020 Annual RickiesScore
Stephen Non‑graded "WWDC brings no real changes to Mac Catalyst" 0
Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "A CPU transition is announced for the Mac" 1
  • Federico counsels against specifying ARM, which is good because Apple calls it "Apple Silicon" and never uses the term ARM.
Stephen Risky "Something in the default Dock of Catalina becomes a Catalyst app" 2
Type2020 October RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "Big Sur gets a release date" 0
Type2020 November RickiesScore
Stephen Regular "Big Sur gets a revised release window" 1
Stephen Flexie "We see a Big Sur feature recap" 1
Stephen Flexie "Apple announces Windows for ARM coming via virtualization in the future" 0
  • Parallels was updated to do this by 2021, but it wasn't announced at this event.
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "macOS skips ahead to version 15 to match iOS and iPadOS" 0
Stephen Flexie "The next version of macOS comes with a redesigned Today view" 0
Type2021 October RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "macOS Monterey features are reviewed"

Myke's macOS Picks

Type2020 November RickiesScore
Myke Regular "Apple demos iOS apps running on a Mac" 0
Myke Flexie "Big Sur released within 48 hours of event" 1
Myke Flexie "Craig demos Big Sur features" 1
  • The instant wake demo is counted for this.
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Myke Regular "Shortcuts for the Mac" 1

Federico's macOS Picks

Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "Apple Video and Apple Music have dedicated apps for Mac and iOS" 0
  • "Music and Video removed from iTunes on the Mac"
  • iTunes was eventually split up in 2019.
Type2019 Fall RickiesScore
Federico Non‑graded "Catalina gets a release date" 0
Type2020 November RickiesScore
Federico Risky "Big Sur on the new Apple Silicon Macs comes with a low power mode feature" -1
  • This was a feature in Monterey the next year.
Federico Flexie "Apple demos a game running on an Apple Silicon Mac" 0
Federico Flexie "Apple redesigns the App Store app for Mac to include iOS, macOS, and iPadOS apps together" 0
Type2021 September RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "No date is provided for macOS Monterey" 1
Type2021 October RickiesScore
Federico Regular "Any kind of release timeframe is provided for macOS Monterey"
  • Apparently feeling humble, Federico admits that this is a "boring" pick. It was originally "release date", but when some questioning about whether just a month would count came up, he watered it down.