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27th June 2021 at 11:34am


This is Rickipedia, a comprehensive repository of information about the ever-evolving Apple prediction game played on Connected by hosts Stephen Hackett, Myke Hurley, and Federico Viticci.

“Better than, maybe, anything else I’ve ever seen on the Internet ever”
— Myke Hurley, Connected #344

Browse the extensive selection of scores and stats, a breakdown of picks by topic, a copy of The Bill of Rickies with a changelog, search the database or just the picks, and more.

✨ What's new

Big update! Here's a list of everything that's new this time:

  • Over 800 Overcast timestamp links have been added, including links to jump right to both the creation and grading on the page for each individual pick. Try this one for an example.
  • The Bill of Rickies Changes also has many more timestamps.
  • A new advanced search makes wiki filters much easier to use.
  • The main scores and stats page has a new view that shows how the Chairmanships line up over time and a nicer Flexies donation view.
  • The Coin Flips have much richer data (including even more Overcast links!) and an excessive amount of analysis.
  • New topics: Live Edited for picks that were changed live on air, Alternate Risky for picks that were supposed to be Risky Picks but got demoted, and two based on Federico's judgmental eye: Passionate and the surprisingly rare No Passion.
  • The Ahead of Its Time topic now has data about just how far ahead each pick was.

Less new but still fresh:

  • A digital version of The Tricky trophy is here to help you correctly set your official trophy or your MagTricky.
  • There is now a tool for seeing and searching for Ineligible Picks as per the new rules.
  • All too often, predicting Apple's actions is less about knowing what they will do and more about knowing when. See each pick that was graded as incorrect not because it was wrong, just Ahead of Its Time. Also, see which host is most prone to be a Buzzkill, predicting that Apple will disappoint some of its customers.

🏃 Active games

✅ Recently completed games

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This exercise in nerdery about nerdery was put together by me, Jason Biatek (pronounced "bee-attic", he/him).

Corrections and additional information are more than welcome. Any wiki editing controls that you may find won't work — your edits will just be in your browser and will disappear on reload. Instead, open an issue on GitHub preferably, or you can also email me at [my first name] at [my last name] dot net. One easy task that anyone can do is look at this page and let me know if any of these picks have since come true.

This page is built with TiddlyWiki, which is a nifty single page wiki tool with lots of options for taking little bits of information and composing them together in different ways. When I realized that, my mind jumped to the many, many little bits of information in The Rickies, and I just had to try it out.

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