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11th September 2021 at 9:50am

Stephen's iOS Picks

Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Stephen Non‑graded "WWDC will introduce a multi-year plan to move macOS and iOS closer" 1
  • Mac Catalyst and SwiftUI deemed to fulfill this
Type2019 WWDC PredictionsScore
Stephen Regular "iOS 13 will change the system requirements, dropping devices supported by iOS 12" 1

Myke's iOS Picks

Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Myke Risky "iOS 12 features a large scale UI redesign across iOS, the biggest since iOS 7" -1
Myke Non‑graded "On iOS 12, the home screen features more than just app icons" 0
  • WIdgets would finally be added to the home screen in iOS 14.
Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Myke Regular "On iOS 13, the iPad home screen features more than just app icons" 1
Type2019 WWDC PredictionsScore
Myke Regular "Dark mode for iOS" 1
Myke Risky "Cursor support for iOS" 2
  • Was not mentioned in the keynote, but more information came out during the week about the new accessibility feature.
Myke Non‑graded "Apple does some new stuff with Animoji to make it more like Bitmoji" 1
Myke Non‑graded "External storage support on iOS" 1
Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Myke Regular "iOS gets the ability to change default apps from those that Apple make, including email" 1
Myke Risky "Memoji will get updated to include face coverings" 2
Type2020 September RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "No specific date for iOS 14's release" 0
Type2020 November RickiesScore
Myke Regular "Apple demos iOS apps running on a Mac" 0
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Regular "iOS 15 gives users more home screen customization options"
  • Specifically not iPadOS 15.
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "Apple talks about App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5" 0
Myke Flexie "iOS 14.5 will drop within 24 hours of the event" 0
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "New features for FaceTime" 1
Myke Flexie "New notification management options" 1
Myke Flexie "Tools for developers to make smoother or faster animations in iOS" 1
Type2021 September RickiesScore
Myke Risky "An iPhone gets an always-on display with a UI element that is reminiscent of Apple Watch complications" -1
Myke Flexie "Release date for iOS 15 is announced and it's later than 24 hours away" 1

Federico's iOS Picks

Type2017 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Regular "Siri on iOS will gain more verbal responses, speak more than it does now when activated with your voice" 0.5
  • "It can hold longer conversations without the user needing to look at the screen."
  • This was graded as a half point or a "kinda".
Federico Non‑graded "iOS 10.3 with a redesigned split screen revealing the home screen and the app switcher instead of the vertical slider we have now" 0
Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Regular "iOS 12 will have a focus on "faster", speed and performance optimizations being a tentpole feature" 1
  • "It will be on a slide."
Federico Risky "Workflow 2 will appear as a system feature or app" 2
  • "Heavy on Siri integration, framework for pro apps to talk to each other"
  • Ungraded: probably a migration tool from version 1, the App Store version might be kept around for a while
  • Some contention during grading about pro apps talking to each other leads to clarification that the entire pick must be true, but this one is deemed close enough.
Federico Non‑graded "Apple Video and Apple Music have dedicated apps for Mac and iOS" 0
  • "Music and Video removed from iTunes on the Mac"
  • iTunes was eventually split up in 2019.
Type2018 iPhone Event PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "iWork updates for iOS 12" 0
Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Regular "iOS gets a tabbed windows feature that all apps can implement" 1
  • "Tabbed windows" was acknowledged as an unclear phrase, and was intended to convey that one app could show two separate documents or views, similar to Safari's special side by side mode at the time.
Federico Non‑graded "Shortcuts 2.0 is showed off at WWDC with a new developer framework for apps" 1
  • "Shortcuts also gets folders and AirPlay actions in 2019."
Type2019 WWDC PredictionsScore
Federico Regular "New Animoji in iOS 13" 1
  • Ungraded: Federico had some specific predictions which were not written down: at least 4, maybe 5, a demo on stage, would like to see kangaroo, peacock, squirrel, or white rat as new animals.
Federico Regular "iOS gets expanded font support" 1
Federico Non‑graded "There will be changes to the drawing/sketching interface used for screenshots, notes, etc." 1
  • "Maybe it will even be an API."
Federico Non‑graded "Improved support for ZIP archives in the Files app and framework" 1
Type2019 Fall RickiesScore
Federico Non‑graded "Apple gives a release date for iOS 13.1 and mentions the update on stage" 0
Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Federico Non‑graded "iOS will get the ability the ability to lock the phone to portrait, but continue watching videos in landscape" 0
Type2020 September RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Apple showcases at least one new feature coming in iOS or iPadOS 14.1" 0
  • The version number wasn't stated explicitly, otherwise Fitness+ would have counted.
Federico Flexie "iOS 14 launches in September" 1
Type2020 October RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Apple launches an AR navigation mode for Apple Maps" 0
  • A year too early, this was a feature in iOS 15.
Federico Flexie "Apple launches a new AirPods app for iPhone, similar to Watch app" 0
Federico Flexie "iOS 14.2's Shazam recognition is demoed" 0
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "iOS gets a native feature to change icons for any app you want"
Federico Flexie "WidgetKit will support new widget sizes and more interactivity"
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "Shortcuts gets new actions or triggers for USB connections" 0
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Federico Risky "Legacy widgets are completely removed from the system, and there is no longer a place to put widgets to the left of the main home screen" -1
Federico Flexie "iOS and iPadOS 15 get native HomeKit widgets" 0
Federico Flexie "The Passwords feature of Settings becomes a standalone app" 0
Federico Flexie "iOS 15 drops support for the iPhone 6S" 0
Federico Flexie "The next version of iOS lets you change icons for apps natively" 0
  • "Without Shortcuts or custom profiles."
Federico Flexie "A new way to turn off confirmation banners in Shortcuts" 0
Type2021 September RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "iOS 15 releases the following week to the public" 1
  • In other words, the week of Monday September 20th.
Federico Flexie "Apple will announce at least 1 new feature that will be coming later in the iOS 15 cycle" 1
  • ProRes video recording on the iPhone 13 Pro models will be coming "later this fall".