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11th September 2021 at 9:50am

Stephen's Accessories Picks

TypeAudio PredictionsScore
Stephen Regular "At least 1 more color option comes to AirPods" 0
Stephen Regular "HomePod price drop" 1
  • In April, they were cut from $349 to $299.
TypeThe AirPower GameScore
Stephen Non‑graded "AirPower will come out the first week of December 2018" 0
  • This wasn't actually an option, but Stephen felt confident.
Type2019 WWDC PredictionsScore
Stephen Risky "The HomePod will gain multiple user support via voice detection" 2
Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Stephen Non‑graded "Apple says literally anything about the HomePod" 1
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "Apple puts a cheaper display on sale as a sibling to the XDR"
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "The Magic Keyboard for iPad goes unchanged" 0
  • Ungraded: what if it got a camera on the long edge? That'd be incredible.
Stephen Flexie "No mention of AirTags" 0
Type2021 WWDC RickiesScore
Stephen Risky "Apple unveils a new high-end audio product" -1
  • "As defined by a price of over $399, or it's a stand-alone DAC."
  • The idea of an official Apple DAC sparks a lot of discussion.
Stephen Flexie "Apple unveils a new external display" 0
Type2021 September RickiesScore
Stephen Risky "MagSafe is updated to support 20 watt charging or higher, but a new puck is required" -1
  • This was originally just "faster charging", but the live chat pointed out a recent FCC filing by Apple which undercut the riskiness of the pick. Stephen added a specific wattage target and also had to decide whether the existing MagSafe puck will support the higher wattage.
Stephen Flexie "A new AirPods product is announced" 0
  • This pick was one event early, as the third generation of AirPods came in October.
Type2021 October RickiesScore
Stephen Flexie "USB-C charging is faster than the new MagSafe" 0
  • Which charging methods can do what differs between models, but in all cases MagSafe appears to be equally fast or faster than USB-C.
Stephen Flexie "The new MacBook Pro power bricks have ports on them, like the iMac does for Ethernet" 0

Myke's Accessories Picks

Type2017 Annual PredictionsScore
Myke Regular "An iPhone Pro with Apple Pencil support, 2 Apple Pencils" 0
  • "2 Apple Pencils: the standard and a short one that supports the iPhone and iPad mini"
  • During grading, Federico proposes what will become Risky Picks, including 2 points for correct picks and losing a point for being wrong, as Myke describes how he wanted to go big with this pick.
Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Myke Non‑graded "A new Apple Pencil with a button of some kind" 0
  • "(aluminum?)"
TypeAudio PredictionsScore
Myke Regular "AirPods to gain more controls via touch actions" 1
Myke Regular "The next HomePod is a mini HomePod" 0
  • True, but too late. The HomePod mini wasn't released until 2020.
TypeThe AirPower GameScore
Myke Non‑graded "AirPower will come out after the 2018 iPhone event" 0
Type2018 iPhone Event PredictionsScore
Myke Non‑graded "New pencil and keyboard" 0
Myke Non‑graded "A new, unique case" 0
Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Myke Non‑graded "Over-ear headphones (i.e. HeadPods)" 0
  • Myke was a year off, as AirPods Max came out at the end of 2020.
Type2019 Fall RickiesScore
Myke Non‑graded "Some surprise hardware, like a Tile tracker" 0
  • Apple's tracker would eventually come out in 2021.
Type2020 Summer RickiesScore
Myke Non‑graded "A new Apple Display" 0
Type2020 September RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "New non-Pro iPad gets second generation Apple Pencil" 1
Type2020 October RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "New HomePod model" 1
Myke Flexie "Over-ear AirPods are offered with multiple material options" 0
Type2020 November RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "New AirPods or AirPods Pro" 0
Myke Flexie "New MagSafe charging case for existing AirPods" 0
  • MagSafe came to the AirPods line the next year.
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Myke Risky "A Mac gets a screen that supports touch and/or Apple Pencil input"
  • Myke was torn between this and "iPad multitasking is overhauled again", but elected to make the more passionate pick.
Myke Flexie "Another variant of over-ear headphones will be released"
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "New iPad Pro accessory" 0
  • "Something we haven't seen before, or is redesigned significantly, e.g. Apple Pencil 1 to 2."
Myke Flexie "AirTags unveiled" 1
Myke Flexie "You can buy AirTags in a 3-pack" 0
  • It was a 4 pack instead.
Type2021 October RickiesScore
Myke Flexie "New AirPods" 1

Federico's Accessories Picks

Type2017 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "New iPad accessories: Keyboard + protection + pencil holder" 0.75
Type2018 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "A new smart keyboard: new material, backlit keys, a dedicated Siri key" 0
  • Apple's Magic Keyboard basically matching this description came out in 2020.
TypeAudio PredictionsScore
Federico Regular "The AirPods line is split in two, and the lower end version gets a price drop" 0
  • The additional condition is an intentionally risky choice by Federico
  • Ultimately this is in fact his undoing, AirPods never officially get cut from their original $159 price.
Federico Regular "Shortcuts will gain new HomePod/AirPlay 2 actions to play audio on HomePod more quickly" 1
Federico Regular "HeadPods will be wireless only and they will have no headphone jack and will charge via Lightning or USB-C" 0
TypeThe AirPower GameScore
Federico Non‑graded "AirPower will come out before the 2018 iPhone event" 0
  • Confidence remained high even days before the event in episode 208.
Type2018 iPhone Event PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "A new Smart Keyboard" 0
Type2019 Annual PredictionsScore
Federico Non‑graded "AirPower is released and new AirPods are released" 0
Type2019 Media Event PredictionsScore
Federico Risky "Apple will mention at least one new feature coming to the HomePod" -1
  • "HomePod" needs to be mentioned by name.
Type2020 September RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "The new iPad Air supports the Magic Keyboard" 1
Type2020 October RickiesScore
Federico Regular "One of the new iPhones will not have the USB charger in the box" 1
Federico Flexie "Apple launches a new AirPods app for iPhone, similar to Watch app" 0
Type2021 Annual RickiesScore
Federico Regular "Apple launches 'AirTags' accessories for tracking physical objects"
  • The name may be different.
Federico Flexie "Apple releases its own game controller"
Type2021 April RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "New case colors for the iPhone" 1
Federico Flexie "DriverKit comes to iPadOS to let more kinds of accessories be supported on iPad" 0
Federico Flexie "Apple updates the standard Bluetooth Magic Keyboard" 1
  • Jason Snell had to be called in to adjudicate this one. Stephen contended that it was just the iMac’s keyboard that was updated, not the “standard” one.
Federico Flexie "The new iPad Pro comes with a fancy new GaN charger" 0
Type2021 September RickiesScore
Federico Flexie "New AirPods announced with a MagSafe compatible case" 0
Type2021 October RickiesScore
Federico Risky "Apple announces a new display that is not the Pro XDR, launching by the end of 2021 somewhere" -1
  • This was originally a pick about the Mac Pro being fully announced, but it was too close to Myke's risky pick.